AHRC Urgent Appeals

  • UG-008-2007: State sanctioned attack on justices, lawyers and activists challenging the emergency [English | Urdu Urdu]
  • UP-095-2007: Gang rape victim threatened by local politicians; police exonerates perpetrators before investigation [English | Urdu Urdu]
  • UP-085-2007: Prime perpetrator involved in severance of penis case is still free under the protection of a Minister [English | Urdu Urdu]
  • UA-148-2007: Brutal attack and threats of rape against female opposition council members of the Karachi city government by the ruling party members [English | Urdu Urdu]
  • UA-129-2007: Seven Christians arrested in false blasphemy cases and men tortured to extract false confessions [English | Urdu Urdu]
  • UA-125-2007: Four persons missing including a political activist and a journalist in Balochistan [English | Urdu Urdu]
  • UA-106-2007: Two teenagers were allegedly shot dead in a fake police encounter [English | Urdu Urdu]
  • UP-045-2007: Federal minister allegedly forced the torture victim to settle his case with the accused police officers [English | Urdu Urdu]
  • UP-043-2007: Sindh government ordered gang-rape victim to vacate safe-house [English | Urdu Urdu]